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Cut plane and braces

I had a problem with how the structural braces are drawn in plan view. The default in Revit is to show the complete brace which isn’t preferred for architectural drawings as it draws the brace through doors and windows. I found a solution hereĀ and I’m repeating the post on my blog so I have itContinue reading “Cut plane and braces”

Columns, beams and braces.

For people using Revit Structure this post in going to be old news. However if you trained in Revit Architecture, this will probably be new information that can be very helpful. I’ve always had difficulty getting certain structural elements to do what I want so that they display nicely in elevations and sections. A recentContinue reading “Columns, beams and braces.”

Families – constraints

Constraining lies at the heart of parametric families. There are 5 tools that Revit has to let you constrain a family. Locked geometry and linework. Locked dimensions. Equal dimensions. Parametric dimensions (type and instance). Automatic sketch dimensions.

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