Cut plane and braces

I had a problem with how the structural braces are drawn in plan view. The default in Revit is to show the complete brace which isn’t preferred for architectural drawings as it draws the brace through doors and windows. I found a solution here and I’m repeating the post on my blog so I have it handy.

For a column family, you can select the option Show family pre-cut in plan views, in the Family Category and Parameters dialog. When you select this option and load the family into a project, the column displays in a plan view using the cut plane specified in the plan view of the family.

  1. Open a column family or start a new column family.
  2. Click Create tab>Family Properties panel>Family Category and Parameters.
  3. In the Family Category and Parameters dialog, under Family Parameters, select or clear the parameter, Show family pre-cut in plan views.


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